Following are a few useful and interesting tips on the things worth seeing in the immediate vicinity of our farmhouse, that can be reached on foot along the wonderful excursion trails or by local bus.

Santa Maddalena church

The church of Santa Maddalena (St. Magdalen) is one of the oldest in our valley and has been a place of worship since prehistoric times. The church was mentioned for the first time in a document dated 1394, although only the bell tower dating back to that century has survived.

The late Gothic building we see today was erected in 1492, as witnessed by the asymmetrical reticulated vaults and the keystones. The interior features Baroque elements of decoration. The mortuary chapel in the cemetery with a tiny 17th century altar has a decidedly ancient atmosphere.

Every third year, the male pilgrims of Val Badia gather at Santa Maddalena to set out for the former bishopric of Sabiona, to bring thanks for having received the gift of Christianisation.

You can reach the church that stands above our farmhouse along the “Sonnenseitenweg” trail that runs through the woods and idyllic meadows in about 2 hours. It really is worth the effort.

Puez-Odle Visitors’ Center in Funes

Look and get info at the Visitors’ Center of the Puez-Odle nature park!

The Puez-Odle nature park with its mountain ranges, such as the Odle range and the Monte Putia massif, is one of the most spectacular and most photographed rock formations of the entire Alps. In the Santa Maddalena visitors’ centre in Val di Funes, open since 2009, you will find all of the information you need about the park.

The purpose of the visitor’s centre of Val di Funes, however, is not only to provide information but also to teach visitors about the geological, biological and cultural diversity of the Puez-Odle park and peak the interest of younger and older people alike in the park’s attractions and needs.

Museum of Minerals in Tiso

In the centre of the charming Alpine town of Tiso, at an altitude of 960 m a.s.l., located between the Valle Isarco and the Val di Funes, there is a Museum of Minerals created by a pool of experts.

The Museum offers a complete review of the origins and characteristics of the crystals one can find in the Dolomites and that can be admired in its halls.

Young boys especially are the enthusiastic visitors that take the guided excursions on which they are encouraged to look for the “sfere di Tiso” (Tiso spheres) on their own.

Fossa dei lupi (Wolve’s Hollow)

This magic place is located along an excursion trail that goes from Cappella Vikoler to the Jochhöfe mountain farmhouses. The last wild wolf of South Tyrol was captured in this 7 metre deep hollow in 1896.

Chiusa, the City of Artists

This lovely medieval town standing on the banks of the Isarco River is so inviting you will want to stop for a peaceful and relaxing rest. Its special petite shops along the small shopping street create a special atmosphere.

While you are in Chiusa, you absolutely must visit the Sabiona monastery that stands proudly above the town.

The medieval city of Bressanone

In addition to the many historical buildings and artefacts worth visiting, such as the porticoes, the Cathedral, the Kreuzweg , the bishop’s palace and the many historical private houses, Bressanone is also ideal for shopping.

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